Florally Impressed

Customised Gift Hampers

Jayne of Florally Impressed,   uses her wide ranging  creative expertise to create amazing, customised gift boxes, baskets and trays to suit all budgets, styles and occasions.    Hampers items can be individually wrapped and decorated with rosemary or lavender.

Jayne aims to shop for quality items on sale, that suit the recipient, and pass on the great deals to the customer.

Pride is taken in the artistic presentation of these personalised hampers.

Hand made cards with your message, can be included. 

 Themed gift hampers for all events including:



New baby

Corporate gifts

Arts and crafts

Health and fitness

Eco wellbeing and beauty packs

…and so much more.

 Personalised greeting card included.

 A gift hamper makes spoiling that special person easy during lockdown. We deliver direct to you or a nominated recipient.

 You can trust Jayne and our team to please.

Contact us through jaynemcclure@live.com 0402773555

Florally Impressed, Customised Gift Hampers with packaging aiming for sustainability, recycled or degradable. 

Your purchase of a customised hamper will help an artist with Multiple Sclerosis.

The above video features Florally Impressed artist, Jayne making pressed flower art. Jayne also makes the cards that feature in our hampers.

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